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Orem Emergency Electrical Service

At Rocky Peaks Electric LLC our experienced emergency staff are dispatched as soon as you call. We are your fast, full suite, 24-hour emergency electrical response service, serving residential, commercial and industrial customers in Orem and surrounding area.

Safety and customer satisfaction are number one when you trust Rocky Peaks Electric LLC technicians to repair your home, office, or construction sites emergency electrical problems. We work quickly and efficiently to fix your electrical systems and each of our experienced technicians is equip with a vehicle, fully loaded with everything needed to compete the repair with little disruption to your daily schedule.

Emergency Electrical Repairs

Should you wait until tomorrow to call an electrician? Our 24-hour response team is trained to assess your situation and offer experienced guidance and pricing options to help you determine whether your Orem property needs emergency electrical repairs now, or if you would like to book an appointment for a regular service call.

Rocky Peaks Electric LLC Emergency Electrical Services Include:

  • Trouble shooting electrical supplies, connections and appliances
  • Generator installation, upgrades, troubleshooting
  • Re-wiring
  • Circuit breakers and panel repair
  • Outlet wiring problems
  • Burned out parking lot lights
  • Surge protection
  • Power outages
  • Unexpected emergency electrical service concerns

In Case of an Electrical Emergency

  1. Remain calm – Electricity can be very dangerous, staying focused is critical
  2. Warn those in the affected area immediately
  3. Evaluate evacuation options for safe exit routes
  4. If the emergency has caused a fire, contact your local fire station
  5. Contact your local electricity supplier’s emergency number to notify them of the problem
  6. Contact Rocky Peaks Electric LLC’s experienced technicians to restore your electrical systems quickly

Emergency Electrical Service Rates

The last thing you need during an electricity related crisis is a hole in your wallet or corporate budget. Rocky Peaks Electric LLC provides comprehensive and fair electrical service estimations to all of our Orem customers. If you’ve got breakers, wiring or panels that are not working to standard, don’t run the risk of an easily preventable electrical fire, contact us today. Day to day business and home life depends on the electricity that runs behind the scenes in your home, office, institutional or industrial space. It can be stressful and interruptive when emergency electrical problems arise.

Our trained electrical technicians have been working with homeowners and businesses in Orem for a number of years and remain calm and efficient no matter what your electrical issue may be. This may be your first time experiencing power interference and it can be nerve racking. Our experienced professionals have seen all varieties of power failure and disturbance and have the tools, education and experience to offer an affordable solution to any emergency electrical situation that may arise.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our emergency electrical assistance team for more information and helpful advice on your home or commercial emergency electrical malfunctions. Our qualified staff have been working with people in Orem for many years and have built our reputation on delivering affordable and innovative solutions.